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Ceramic Tinting Service

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At Black Jack Tinting, we understand the importance of protecting you and your vehicle from the sun’s damaging rays. That’s why we offer the highest quality window tinting services using the latest technology and materials. Our ceramic tint provides the best overall UV protection, while also creating a sleek and stylish look. We use only the best materials from reputable dealers, ensuring that your vehicle is properly tinted and protected. With our knowledgeable staff and superior service, you can trust that your vehicle will be in good hands with Black Jack Tinting.

Apex Ceramic Tint

Geoshield has been specializing in ceramic window films since 2005. Over those 15 years, technology has only gotten better. The current “apex” in window film technology is this new super ceramic aptly called APEX. If you are looking for one of the highest heat rejecting films on the market. Apex is it. With over 95% IR rejection across the entire Infrared spectrum, Apex delivers outstanding heat rejection capabilities.

Lifetime Warranty


Color Stable


2 Ply / 1.5 Mil Construction


No EMI-Satellite and Cell Safe


High Optical Clarity

Low Haze



High Total Solar Energy Rejection


Super Ceramic Nano Technology


Low Reflectivity


Black Finish


Over 95% Infrared Heat Rejection


99% UV Rejection

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