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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

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Black Jack Auto Tinting is your go-to for premier Paint Protection Film (PPF) services. With PPF, you can add the best protection for your vehicle; safeguarding against sun damage, rock chips and other elements. ​Our film is the newest in technology!


You've heard of ceramic coating on TOP of PPF, but what if you could have the best of both worlds? Now you can! With Geoshield's NEW Ceramic Shield Paint Protection Film, you will have the ultimate protection for your vehicle!​ In addition to being a great paint protection film, our Ceramic Shield features an ultra hydrophobic ceramic top coat.


Our film is manufactured with a nano ceramic top coat eliminating the need for a post-install ceramic coating application. The ceramic coating increases the gloss and adds additional protection while not interfering with ultra fast, self-healing properties of this innovative protection film.​


The high contact angle of 135 degrees makes water bead off and allows for easier cleaning. The ceramic top coat provides additional chemical and scratch resistance. Geoshield's Ceramic Shield is warranted for 10 years against de-lamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking!​

Clear Bra PPF

Our clear bra paint protection film is an economical and effective way to protect the paint on your vehicle from chips, scratches, and other weathering. The film is made from high-grade materials and is designed to be virtually invisible to the naked eye. It is easy to maintain, and provides superior protection from the elements.


Front of the hood


Both side mirrors

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Whole Hood

Both side fenders


Front End PPF

Our Front End PPF service provides more comprehensive protection for the hood, fenders, side mirrors and bumper of your vehicle. Our Ceramic Shield PPF is a reliable, long-lasting solution to protect your car from road debris and the elements. 

Full Body PPF

Our full body paint protection film (PPF) provides maximum protection for your car's paint, shielding it from stone chips, scratches, and the sun's harsh UV rays. The full body PPF covers the entire exterior of your vehicle, protecting 100% of your paint from damage. With our PPF, you can enjoy your car's beautiful paint job for years to come.

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Custom PPF

Our paint protection film services are the perfect way to protect your car's paint job from damages caused by rock chips, scratches, and other environmental hazards. We offer custom packages that allow you to choose the area's you want protected, ensuring that your car remains looking brand new for years to come. Our paint protection film is a durable and cost-effective way to keep your car in pristine condition.

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Make the most of your appointment! Add on our:


Add on our 5 Year Hybrid Graphene Ceramic Coating to the remainder of your vehicle and protect the remaining portions of your paint from discoloration, oxidation and water spot damage! 

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